Course Includes

  • Written Content

    How to build a professional brand for your business. Deciding on what services you should offer. Advertising and picking up the right kind of customers. Paying tax. How to quote for a variety of different exterior cleaning services.

  • Downloadable Content

    A range of downloadable worksheets for: planning a budget, business objectives, income and expenses spreadsheet, as well as social media tips.

  • Exclusive Video Content

    Exclusive video content featuring business owners sharing their journey, Including: Matt Baldwin on going self employed, Jordan Farley promoting his business with social media, and Matthew Mackintosh planning business growth.

Course Creator

Ashley Mackintosh

Industry Expert

I started my own business over 25 years ago, and since then I've diversified into a wide range of exterior cleaning services. I have gained a lot of experience helping others to start their own business via 1-2-1 sessions, but also through my YouTube channel and Podcast which also share lots of tips and advice. Now I have condensed all my business know how into one convenient place so that others can get the best out of their own business, to achieve the self employed lifestyle they've always wanted! Just click the drop down menu below to see what's included in this course.

Course Contributor

Maesun Mackintosh

Business Advisor

As voice of the AM Exterior Cleaning Podcast Maesun has always had a keen interest in business. Recently qualified with a distinction in Business studies at A level, she has contributed to the courses with real business theories and systems to improve efficiency and productivity.

Course Subjects

    1. What You Need To Consider Before You Start Planning Your Business

    2. Understanding Your Tax Obligations

    3. Case Study: Matt Baldwin - Giving Up A Career And Going Self Employed.

    1. Start Creating Your Business Vision

    2. Using The Right Advertising To Pick Up The Right Kind Of Customers

    3. Buying Work and Canvassing with Matt Baldwin

    1. How To Quote And Present Exterior Cleaning Jobs

    2. Case Study: Jordan Farley - Using Online Tools To Promote Your Quality Service

    1. Looking After Customers & Organising Your Schedule

    2. Case Study: Matthew Mackintosh - Getting Your Business Ready For Growth

    3. Keeping Track of Your Business Progress

    4. Additional References, Links, And Discounts

    5. Course Evaluation

Get Your Business off to the Best Possible Start

  • £125.00
  • 13 lessons
  • Give Your Business Direction
  • Over 60 Minutes of Video Content
  • Supplier discounts & offers

Reach Your Full Business Potential

Course Overview

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Stand out elements of this course include:

  • Real Life Experience

    Matt Baldwin

    Exclusive video interview with Matt. Hear about how he gave up his career working for Ford Motor Company to start his own exterior cleaning business.

  • Make A Business Plan


    Roadmap and target planning worksheets to help you plan a course of action that motivates and leads to success!

  • Present Effective Quotations

    Example Quotes

    Learn how to quote for a wide range of services. Find out the key elements you need to win more quotations.


“Ashley got my business to hit the ground running from the start! Sometimes it's hard to believe what we have achieved in just 12 months, all thanks to his brilliant training and ongoing advice.”

Rob Phillips - Washed Exterior Cleaning

“Really enjoyed the programme from Ash, he really knows his stuff! Would recommend to anyone looking to start up or scale their business!”

Josh Garrido - The Spotless Group

“I've learnt everything from you and business has absolutely taken off! I owe it all to you! Keep doing what you are doing, really making dreams happen for me!”

Lee @lee.murnin

“I was miserable, but I finally packed in my office job to do window/exterior cleaning based on your great information available. It's been the best thing I've ever done!”

Dan @ds_mate

“Inspired me to start my own cleaning business. This is perfect advice for a new starter in todays world.”

Wayne - Shiny Windows, Dorset

Course Includes Discounts and Offers From...

In Person Training Days

Now you can get your hands on the tools and benefit from my business experience with in-person trading days. Learn real techniques that can give your business a boost. Attendees will also get a CPD certification and access to exclusive discounts on equipment.

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